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​​PHARMAMERICA is in a rare position to partner with individuals or entities interested in HEMP/THC farming in Latin America (LATAM) from boutique farms to industrial size farming. We have extensive knowledge in HEMP/THC licensing and permitting in LATAM. We have unique opportunities in Colombia, South America due to established relationships in government and in the agro-industry to spearhead a HEMP farm rapidly and profitably. The Colombian government is intentional on making Colombian HEMP/THC brands recognized worldwide for their superior quality from seed, cultivation, harvest, to raw and finished products. We transfer our credibility and tenure in the LATAM, USA, European, Asian, and Australian pharmaceutical sectors to the global cannabis industry to reap the rewards of cash-crops with exclusive pre-sold harvest guarantees. Contact us for more information. 

Pharmamerica offers rapid test for real-time identification of the location and active spread of diseases whether in a village, city, state or region. We collaborate with Sovereign Governments, Sub-Sovereign Government Agencies, and NGOs to prevent epidemics and pandemics by providing low cost  "in-situ" field-administered rapid tests that do not require medical professionals to administer. Mosquito transmitted diseases  rapid tests are FDA approved for sale to non USA governments, ISO and CE approved field ready rapid tests.

 Pharmamerica also

provides silicone

wristbands infused

with a patente formula

of natural Australian

oils that effectively

repel mosquitos

that carry infectious

tropical diseases.

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for more information.

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